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Pine Wood Block of 6 Laguiole Steaknives $59.99 as seen in Vogue Magazine in Flash colors
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NeonBlockBluechS.gif (711653 bytes) Flash Blue Inox
NeonBlRdChS.gif (898791 bytes) Flash Red Inox
NeonBlOChS.gif (795040 bytes) Flash Orange Inox
NeonBlYChS.gif (1045426 bytes) Flash Yellow Inox
NeonBlGrChS.gif (1060751 bytes) Flash Green Inox
NeonBlPuChS.gif (694519 bytes) Flash Purple Inox
NeonBlMixChS.gif (922113 bytes) Flash Mixed Colors Inox
Black Inox
Black Marble Inox
Blue Marble Inox
NER129-194-113-040-0.JPG (78753 bytes) Green Marble Inox
Ivory Inox
Pale Horn Inox
Mahogany Inox
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