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Les Laguioles de G. Arbalete David
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Arbalete G. David is the most diverse artisan maker of cutlery in Laguiole. Some more modern production management techniques have resulted in products that can in quality compete with the best, and in price are without doubt the best value in Laguiole for an artisan product. "About Arbalete David" provides background information on this most modern of old fashioned Laguiole "Coutelleries" (cutlery makers)

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Les Laguioles de Poche

Traditional Pocket Knives

Folding Knives


Les Laguioles de Table

Traditional Tableware


or :Serving Pieces

Coutellerie Générale

Other Typical Regional French Knives

Special Selections, Daggers, and Sporting Knives


Champagne Sabre

Sommeliers,CorkScrews, and Waiter's knives

Sportsmen's knives, Hunting&Fishing